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Why Sun Finance?

Working in Sun Finance means helping people. With more than 1100 employees across 7 countries and continuous growth

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We are always looking for great new talent, even if there is no open vacancy that you can see. If you think you would be a good fit for Sun Finance, please send us your CV and a short Cover Letter giving us a bit of a background on yourself and preferred position and we will be in touch!

What our employees say




If you want to improve your technical skills or share your knowledge – Sun Finance IT is the place to be. We used the most modern and latest stack of technologies.

My favourite thing at Sun Finance is the ability to build all services from scratch and the challenges that come with it. Small, agile teams and ability to continuously learn from colleagues provides great conditions to dedicate yourself to work, while having a good balance with life.



PR manager

Here, at Sun Finance, I feel like being part of something big and meaningful. Each day here is inspiring, and I am motivated to do more than is expected. Working here does not feel like work, it feels like an adventure with challenges and new victories each day. Together with Sun Finance team I have the confidence that no mountain is too high for us and together we can achieve everything.



Data Scientist

Data Science at Sun Finance is much more than cleaning data, choosing the best algorithms and maximising GINI.
Yes, we are data geeks for sure, obsessed with learning and improving, but we are also passionate folk dancers, match teachers, aspiring marathon runners and Star Wars fans.

No matter your field of interest – there’s always a data driven discussion to be had. Let’s discuss!



Quality Assurance Analyst

Having a friendly working culture as well as dynamic environment is very motivating. The company culture is inclusive and diverse and further integration is supported by paid local language courses.

It is a great feeling to be welcomed by local colleagues daily with ‘Labrit’ and I have a sense of being listened to and motivated by my direct manager, who is always open for new suggestions of innovation and new ways of doing things.

I am very proud of working at Sun Finance as a quality manager, further improving the quality of the services that we provide to our customers.