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What we do

Sun Finance is a rapidly growing online and mobile lending platform. What is our key to success in meeting ever evolving gen z & millennial needs?

It’s simple. We put speed, convenience and customer journey at the heart of all our products.

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Our products

Buy Now Pay Later

Flexible product allowing to split larger and smaller purchases based on your payment preferences
Term up to 36 months, regularly scheduled payments
Ticket size between €20 and €10,000

Wide range
of products
Wide range
of shops

Instalment loans

Larger amount loans for larger life decisions
Longer term (3-60 months), regularly scheduled payments
Ticket size between €200 and €10,000

€200 - €10,000 Longer term

Line of credit

Withdraw money as needed to manage your finances Open-ended term, flexible repayment
Ticket size between €20 and €3,200

€20 - €3,200 Open-ended term


To finance immediate one-time purchases or expenses Short-term, single payment
Ticket size between €10 and €3,200

€10 - €3,200 Short term

Our markets

We choose to operate in markets with highly digitalized population that demand fast, convenient and modern consumer financing

Sun Finance is currently present in 9 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America

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